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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Melinda. I am an Indonesian girl living in Netherlands with my hubby. I was born in the year 87 and a Gemini if that matters.

I love most girly things like the color peach and pink, cupcakes, ice cream, cake, sushi (is sushi a girly thing?), make up, nail polish, flowers, shopping, SHOES and such. I also love mini games, card games, monopoly and watching movies. I enjoy reading especially chick-lits and young adults fantasy books. I had a degree in architecture so I enjoy visiting landmarks or unique buildings, but I think lately this has been replaced by visiting the best cupcake places I can find.

I started this blog in 2011 to fulfill a new year's resolution. I remember my first make up buy, it was an Avon lip balm from a classmate when I was still in junior high. The second one was a mascara from Maybelline. Writing about make up, though, was an infection from my sister. After enjoying reading her reviews, I decided to share my thoughts too through this blog. I sure hope these writings would somehow somewhere help other people too :) Comments and new friends sure made my day <3

If you have any inquiry you can send an e-mail to contact.peachysweetness@gmail.com

Enjoy your visit!


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