Friday, April 5, 2013

Sigma Paris Palette

This post was loooong delayed in my drafts ^^ Sigma Paris palette was released during spring last year. It was a collaboration project done by Sigma featuring seven beauty gurus. They went to Paris and were assigned a landmark to make an eyeshadow shade of.  I was planning to write about the people and the shade back then, but since it's been long delayed, I guess it makes more sense to just talk about this palette on its own :)

In this palette you'd get eight eyeshadows, two blushes, one highlighter, one E55 eye shading brush and one F40 large angled contour brush for the price of €59 (at F40 alone costed €15.95 and E55 €9.95. One Sigma shadow is retailed for €11. It was quite a good deal.

The palette's packaging was made of thick cardboard. The size was a bit bulky but considering the amount of things housed inside, it's not so weighty. Because of the size, the mirror can actually be used. The mirror flap can also be folded completely for ease of grip. The openings for brushes can be used to place eyeliners or lip products.

Now zooming in to the shades. 
From left to right the shades are: 
Eiffel - black with colorful glitter by MakeupbyTiffanyD
Seine - navy blue with light blue sheen by all the gurus
Louvre - matte teal by Petrilude
Orsay - turquoise green with gold shimmer by MacNC40
Elysées - purplish brown by DulceCandy87
Notre Dame - taupe with silver metallic by xteener
Triomphe - Grayish brown with green duo chrome by frmheadtotoe
Versailles - light gold shimmer by xsparkage

The cheeks:
Rouge - matte muted berry shade
Pêche - matte peach shade
Lumiére - champagne shade highlighter

Eiffel - Seine - Louvre - Orsay - Elysées - Notre Dame - Triomphe - Versailles

Eiffel - Seine - Louvre - Orsay

 Elysées - Notre Dame - Triomphe - Versailles

Out of the eyeshadows, Eiffel was the one with major fall out. You could work it out by applying face product after eye make up, but I still wish it's not like that at all. Louvre and Orsay were both quite sheer, needed to be build up to show the color, especially Orsay. Other than those issues, all the others were buttery smooth. Because I'm not an expert in wearing eyeshadow, I only used one or two color when I used this palette and they stayed on nicely throughout the day. 

Rouge - Pêche - Lumiére

I don't have matte blushes in my collection so these was a nice addition, especially because I can choose between the two. Unfortunately their staying power was not so great, I noticed fading within two hours which don't usually happen with my other blushes. Considering the size of the palette, it might not be something you'd bring in your purse for touch up, so I rarely use these blushes. They packed a lot of color upon application, though.

Aside from the blushes, Lumiére as a highlighter performed well. The champagne shade made it suitable for wide range of skin tones. It also held up better than the blushes and gives you a pretty glow. 

Overall I still think it's a good deal because of the price; especially for the two Sigma brushes (both work great, no shedding, very soft) and pretty eyeshadow shades :)


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    1. They really are gorgeous ^^ Too bad my favorites were the sheerer ones. Thanks for dropping by :D

  2. beautiful colour!! pnasaran pengen nglihat di matamu >.<

    1. Ehehehe belum berani ngepost look2 gitu si beneran amatir banget ama eyeshadow ^^ kapan2 deh...
      Anyway thank you for dropping by! :))

  3. pigmented sekali sepertinya..
    packagingnya sekilas agak kyk indonesia gitu.. kyk batik ..

    btw harganya brp ini??

    1. Iya ya, mgkn sbnernya pengen ky Art Nouveau gt tp sekilas malah jd ky batik ^^
      Di website nya sigma skrg ini $49 :) Thanks for dropping by <3

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