Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

This is going to be another short lip care product review. Since the last experience with Nivea lip butter I have been searching for another lip treatment. Winter has decided to stay with us for much longer this year so I need something pretty badly.

I have problems with chapped lips since I can remember. My mom, my sister and my friend Retno were among the ones who constantly have to remind me not to pull on my chapped lips. I found scrubbing with lip scrub really helpful, my favorite is Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. Still, during the day I need something to keep it moisturized. 

I first bumped into Lucas Papaw Ointment through Chloë Moretz' instagram ;P in a way she recommended it so I thought about purchasing it. It's from Australia so bless you Australians who can buy this in store. I purchased this through ebay, costing me around €16 for two. 

The packaging is simple and somewhat retro, a red squeeze tube with screw on cap. It has a triangle shaped plug that had to be opened with the cap, making sure the product is hygienic. The opening of the tube is a bit wide, so just squeeze lightly because with this a little does go a long way.

The balm itself is transparent, slightly sticky but distributes easily. You only need a little especially for the lips. It can be used for any dryness, on the lips, on skin, on cuticles, even for rashes or burns. I have only used it for lips and cuticles only. It needs some time to be absorbed, on the lips I can still feel the stickiness for about 30 minutes. On cuticles it doesn't take as long. 

I love what this does to my lips, it's very hydrating! I put it on in the morning after shower and at night before bed. In the morning it's not sitting on my lips like Nivea lip butter does, it's completely absorbed leaving healthy hydrated lips. It works as amazingly on cuticles as well. I think you got it by now, I totally recommend this product :D There's one small issue for me, though, this product has a fermented papaya scent, whether you like it or not of course depends on preference. Being a fan of the actual fruit, the smell initially kind of remind me of a papaya gone bad... But it's not hard to get over ;P and totally cancels out by the performance. I also found it a bit annoying that it's not as easy to find in store. But when I run out of this, I would definitely repurchase. :) I hope this helps girls with dry and chapped lips out there. Love!


  1. nice one! but papaya smell?? i hv to consider 'bout it haha

    1. I have to get used to it also :P but thankfully it disappears within few minutes :D

  2. I'm deathly afraid of papaya smell!! Oh nooo LOL, it sounds good though, too bad!

  3. EEEEKKKK i hate papaya (hate is such a strong word, but i do!) too bad that it has some kind of papaya smell. i watched michelle phan used this in one of her videos. I am still using my trustee petroleum jelly for my lips every night


    1. I kinda miss eating a proper papaya, though :P I think this is easier to spread than petroleum jelly but way back I used to love petroleum jelly as well :))

  4. Lovely post!
    Much love,