Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jessica nail polish in Flirtation

This is my first Jessica nail polish. I have only heard about it through Scrangie who sometimes reviewed its collection. I first attracted to the brand because they made the dupe for Chanel fall 2011 polishes collection. So when I found out they made a dupe for Chanel Spring 2012 collection I was really really interested.
Jessica made their Bliss is This! collection very similar to Chanel Spring 2012. I really wanted to purchase May and June back when they were released because the pink makes me so happy and June is my birth month. Until now I still haven't been able to justify the price tag so I searched for Jessica Flirtation instead.

The packaging is similar to a Seche Vite but with longer handle. The brush is a little thinner compared to OPI or Essie but dense enough and easy to work with.

Flirtation is a milky pink with warm undertone. It's super cute on! It makes me happy. Please pardon my cuticles here, this was taken before Lucas Papaw arrived. It is opaque in two coats. Drying takes longer than usual. I always spare five minutes to let my polish dry before applying top coat, but with this it took more and if you're not careful it can still dent after top coat. 

I have always wanted a warm pink that suits my skin tone. Once I decided to bite the bullet and paid full price (180k IDR) at OPI counter for Elephantastic Pink which I ended up giving away. It made my hands look red and the formula was very runny and sheer. 

This shade is on the same page with Essie Lovie Dovie but Lovie Dovie leans more blue toned and looks brighter, which made it feels more fierce than cute, if that makes any sense :P

The staying power was quite good, I noticed a little tip wear the next day but no chipping for more than a week. It's lovely and for my first experience with Jessica nail polish, this made me want to try other shades :)


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