Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Blush in 832E Heather Silk

So this has been a new addition to my make up stash :) I heard all good things about wet 'n wild color icon blushes so I wanted to try one. The first one that came to my mind was Pearlescent Pink which was infamous for being the dupe of NARS Orgasm. But I figured all of my blushes were in the coral and peach color family, I had plum and pink ones once but I left them in Indonesia. So I decided to get Heather Silk instead.

The blush is housed in a plastic black packaging with transparant lid. Easy to see the color inside, compared to NARS (but I only have one NARS blush so it's easy for me anyway ;)). Wet 'n Wild provided a little angled brush to help with application. The brush is a bit scratchy but does an okay job blending and can help on occasion when you don't want to bring a separate brush.

Heather Silk is a berry pink shade, which was said to be a dupe for NARS Mata Hari. I don't own Mata Hari but from the swatches I've seen especially this one from Temptalia, I think Mata Hari has slightly more fuchsia in it. When blended, though, it can look exactly the same.

This is the swatch I did on the arm, it looks so pretty (I love looking at this picture ;)). It packs a lot of color, very pigmented therefore called for a light application. It's finely milled so it's easy to blend, though. I first applied too much but I easily buffed it. Heather Silk gives a lovely matte flush on your cheeks. 

The staying power is great, I don't really keep an eye for fading throughout the day, but when I arrived home after a long day out, it's still on nicely. 

After the make up audit I did at the start of this year, I was quite surprised that my everyday regime costed that much. I wanted to have some more affordable options so I reach out to the trusted brands like ELF and Wet 'n Wild :) and so far they have been nothing but satisfactory especially considering the price.

Heather Silk is retailed here for €6.95, obviously more expensive than in the US but it's still cheaper than most considering Maybelline mascaras costed €10 and up here in Netherlands.  


  1. Warnanyaaaa cakeeep,,,,
    Belum pernah cobain brand ini....
    Penasaran....xixixixi.....cantiiiik bikiiin wishlist dah....

    1. ^^ I hope you'd try it soon :D thanks for dropping by <3

  2. the cupcake make me hungry #eh
    I don't like texture of this blush, very powdery :| Bad staying power. Blah..
    If you come home, please try inez.. it's powdery too, but has a good staying power. Also cheap (about 3$)

    1. Ahahaha I just thought the cupcake suits the color scheme :D
      It can be a little powdery but the staying power is nice in my experience.
      I'd try Inez once I came home, I tried their eyeshadow long time ago and it was so nice :D
      Thanks for dropping by! <3