Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lily's Cupcakes

I've always been on the hunt for cupcakes here in Holland. Back when we were still living in Rotterdam I found Ten to Three Bakery and Alice in Cupcakeland. I had a chance to try Lily's Cupcakes which was offered at Cappucino Rotterdam in Beurs, but they had really limited selection and I only tried the raspberry vanilla and chocolate ones, which were yummy (and über cute!) but still that was only two flavors. These were the pictures from back then:

So cute rightttt.... After that I discovered CupcakeChic and was kind of obsessed with it so I forgot about Lily's. Just a few days ago I browsed around again looking for another red velvet to try. I found some places like American Baking Company, Cupies and I found myself back at Lily's Cupcakes website. I found the place that stock them in Den Haag, Le Connaisseur at Frederik Hendriklaan. So yesterday I was determined to go to each places to try their cupcakes *yosh!*

First, I biked my way to American Baking Company near the Centraal Station, apparently their kitchen were closed, it was not a ready store like Cupcake Chic's so I was already expecting that. Then I continued to look for Cupies, at Lunch Boxx at Binckhorstlaan. Apparently Cupies only made their cupcakes upon order, so I got out of the store empty handed again. Getting more determined to get at least one cupcake for the day (fortunately yesterday was a sunny sunny day), I biked across the city to Le Connaisseur, well maybe not across the city, around 6 kilometers. There I found Lily's Cupcakes, every flavor available. Yessss.

I picked four cupcakes and the lady at Le Connaisseur put them in a box. Such a cute box with "Can't resist a Lily's" written on the lid. I found it interesting that the store put the cupcakes in the fridge, they were quite hard when she put it out of the boxes. Good thing was they stayed put along my bumpy bike ride.

I got one Death by Chocolate (chocolate cake with chocolate icing), Sparkling Vanilla (vanilla cake with vanilla icing) and two red velvet (of course, red colored chocolate cake with cream cheese icing). They cost €2.65 each, which was a bit more expensive than Cupcake Chic's original flavors (though Cupcake Chic's special ones may cost up to €3.00), but I think Lily's cupcakes are bigger.

Their cake's consistency is so nice, moist and not crumbly. Their red velvet is firmer than Cupcake Chic's, which I love, because Cupcake Chic's red velvet cupcake is a bit too fluffy for me. The cream cheese, though, tasted a little bland, but because the cake is already so delicious, it served its purpose quite well. It reminded me of Cupcake Chic's red velvet whole cake, with less sugar, which was different from their cupcake.

The chocolate one was yummy too. The cake almost melted in the mouth, very moist and the icing was not too sweet. I love Cupcake Chic's chocolate cupcakes too because they have chocolate chips in their cake. This one didn't but still tasted so yummy.

I saved my vanilla one for last so I couldn't say anything about it yet, but I can at least tell you it smells heavenly. ^^ I hope you had a chance to try Lily's cupcakes too. I sure can't resist a Lily's ;P

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