Monday, March 4, 2013

February Favorites

So it's four days into the new month (Hello, March :)) and I thought I'd post a little about my favorites during the month of February. :)

Most products are rediscovers because I am still trying things I recently purchased so I don't include them in the favorites (maybe not yet :)) 

I'm loving the L'oreal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray to use every time I heat style (which is, honestly, almost every other day) and I love it because it protects, resulting less frizz and damage, smells nice, sprays evenly and dries down in a short while. 

The brush at the top is MAC 188 brush which I just recently loved. I got this almost two years ago and at first I kind of hate it. It was quite a splurge for me at the time yet it was shedding, making streaks and dries down to a black stain on the white bristles after wash. These days I already found the better way to wash it so there's no black stain, also no more shedding, or at least not as much as the first time. I love using it with my liquid foundation now, and I realized that the streaking was mostly because of my heavy hand. So I practiced by using it more frequently and more lightly, just letting the white bristles sweep on and it resulted in a beautiful air brush like finish. Lovely. Pardon the dirty color on the supposedly white bristles, I'm washing them directly after this ;)

The other brush included here is the mini version of Everyday Minerals flat top brush. My full size one had been thrown away. Still this flat top is my favorite for mineral make up. Soft and does a great job in making everything even, can be used with mineral make up and other powder produtcs.

Along with the brush, of course, is the Everyday Minerals base. I'm switching to my winter shade, I used to wear Golden Medium but this one here is fairly light neutral. I love how natural it looks on for everyday wear. 

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette is also featured here because I've been playing with eye shadow more than usual the past month. My favorite shade is Silk Teddy, a shimmery champagne pink. I also love mixing Velvet Revolver and Sexpresso to fill in my brow, which I don't do very often.

For nails I've been going back through my stash and wearing China Glaze Sea Spray which was a part of their Anchors Away collection back in 2011. It's a pale blue with micro shimmer (it almost passed as créme on my eyes). I think the shade brings winter to spring smoothly, if that even make any sense ^^ I put Sea Spray on my hands and Dior Bikini on my toes, which I don't include now because I think Bikini hasn't suit the weather quite yet ;)

Oh, MAC Stereo Rose, a good thing there's so much of you in one pan. After few weeks with Bobbi Brown Nectar, I figure I want to save Nectar for a longer while so I reached back to my blushes and decided to wear Stereo Rose again, and then I did again and again. 

I got a free 30 ml L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream from their facebook account and I really should include it in this month's favorites. I usually bought their hand cream for the nice scent so I never got my hand on the original Shea Butter one. But after trying it, I think it's the best performing compared to my other ones like Pivoine Flora and Fleur Chérie. It's thicker than the scented ones so it has to be massaged in.

The last one is ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Candlelight. Upon first application, I hated this product. There was only oil and it was so uneven on the lips. Apparently I had to push the tube a little more for the color to show. It smells and tastes yummy (the taste is more to hubby's testimonial) ;) and gives a touch of golden glossiness on your lips. It is sticky but not so much compared to MAC's lipglass so I think it's bearable especially for 1€. I love layering it on top of lipstick :)

So that's all for this month's favorites, hopefully I encourage you to try one or two of these :D

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  1. I love L'Occitane hand cream too ^^ mine is cherry blossom