Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Sippin' n Dippin'

A little while ago I wrote about my current obsession towards Benefit Cosmetics :) around that time I found one of their product on sale at starwberrynet. It wasn't one of the things I wrote earlier, but still it was so cheap therefore I authorized the buy (yeah, right ;)) So as usual, I ordered, it arrived and I tested its wear for quite some time before I wrote about it here.

I of course had to write about the packaging first. Benefit always put special touches to their packaging. The shadow itself was in their usual round pot (they are getting new packagings soon) but the box is just too cute not to be shown here.

It's a black box with white drawings of birds and patterns, with a round hole that shows the "muse" or mascot of this shade, which is Gabbi. The picture of Gabbi can be pulled  out separately and you can see a quote from her that said "I never met a carb I didn't like.". The inside of the box is all black which makes it look classic and special rather than the usual white ones that screamed ordinary. When you open it the bird patterns continue to the cap of the pot.

The pot is made of glass with a black plastic cap, It contains 4.5 g of products inside.

Sippin' n Dippin' is a peachy pink color with gold sheen. The cream is quite thin and very lightweight. Some said the shade is comparable to MAC Rubenesque but since I don't own Rubenesque I can't do  any comparison. 

My lids are oily but this stayed on all day without creasing or smudging (as the name suggested). I love applying it all over the lid then apply a darker color on my outer crease and lid to give a little more definition. 

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner is originally retailed for €19.50 but Sippin' n Dippin' in particular is available at StrawberryNet for €10.50. They are getting a new packaging and at the same time this shade will be discontinued.


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  3. It looks almost exactly like Rubenesque! I only have one of these in Busy Signal but I am eyeing Birthday Suit and the new shade called No Pressure :)

    1. I just noticed you recently reviewed Rubenesque! :D Wow it's really similar. After this one I think I'm going to look around and buy another one because the formula is so nice ^^

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