Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dior Vernis in 231 Bikini

It just snowed again yesterday here in Den Haag. When I woke up on Sunday morning, hubby especially nudged me to see the snow covered street outside. And he sure saw the disappointment on my face :( I have been getting ready to ride my bike again and wearing lighter coats after recent temperature raise, but apparently the weather won't allow it quite yet.

But! Even though the weather is not actually spring summer-y, I have a cute nail color to brighten things up a little (or a lot!) which is Dior's Bikini. If you can't have authentic Dior swimwear covering your body, at least this can cover your nails ;)

So at the start of this month I went to my Aunt's place in Germany to spend few nights in the cute little town of Gronau. One day we wanted to walk to her friend's house for tea, thinking that the weather is nice enough. Unfortunately, halfway through the rain start pouring quite heavily, we were around the city center at the time so we went to a store to avoid the rain. The store we went in was a mini parfumerie which was holding a 50% sale on some high end products from Chanel, Dior, Lancome, and so on. I mentioned what I bought there in this post. My aunt bought a coral lipstick and wanted a nail polish to match, she picked this one by Dior. Because the products were scattered on a table, the tester was taped to one empty box of each nail polish just to make sure they stick together. But after we paid our purchases and went home (and then put the products on the table and stare at them), I realized that the Dior polish she bought still had the tester taped on it, so she got two of them, one tester and one new. She couldn't see why she need two, so she gave this one to me :) yay!

See? The sticker even says "tester - not for sale" ;P

Dior Bikini was a part of Dior Croisette Collection 2012. The packaging was Dior's signature, of course. A silver cap opened to a black grip on brush. The brush was quite wide with curved edge, but not as dense as OPI's.

As for the brush, I found it a bit... tricky to work with. The other recent polish brush that I remember having a curve was Essie's and this one is more pointy than Essie's so it's tricky around the edges. It doesn't really matter, maybe, but I have to note that, still.

So here it is on the nails, Bikini is a little less bright coral with a créme finish. It is a little thick but I think that might be because my bottle is already frequently opened (for tester), it is opaque in two coats and wears amazingly. I was wearing it for a whole week without chipping or noticeable tip wear. I was so amazed because I was wearing it without Seche Vite at that time and it stays on really really nicely.

I know I rarely talk about toes but this looks so nice on pedicure. Right now with this weather I'm keeping it neutral on my hands with OPI At First Sight but my toes are getting their share of summer already inside my boring boots ;)

I couldn't find this polish online for now because it's been a year since its release (and Dior now has an adorable new release set called Cherie Bow :))) but you might still be able to find it in parfumeries or department stores. Dior polish retails for €23.40 at feelunique.com :)

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