Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks had always intrigued me. I first tried them when I asked the SA at one Bobbi Brown counter to test the tinted moisturizer on me, she did so and then added some powder and applied the shimmer brick in Wild Rose on my cheeks. At that time I really loved the result and asked for the price, but €46 sure is high so I decided to grab only the tinted moisturizer.

About two or three weeks ago I was surprised to find a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick under special deals at strawberrynet, it was reduced to €22.50 and additional 5% discount because it's my 7th transaction already ;P the only color for that deal was only Nectar and as I look closely (even though I never really see it in store), I think it looks good enough so I decided to buy it.

Then it arrived and yay, good enough doesn't do it justice, it's so pretty both in the pan and applied.
First off, like always, packaging. Sleek black Bobbi Brown signature packaging. It is not particularly hefty and I was quite surprised to see the writings on the back label "Shimmer brick powders are fragile. Please handle with care." Whew that sounds so special somehow :)

And then I open it up to this prettiness...

As almost all Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (the ones not included are the special editions ones), this comes in five stripes of colors. The first stripe is a bright coral, second one a champagne color, third one is like a gold peach which reminds me to MAC stereo rose, fourth is a gold pink and the last is a deeper gold pink. Please don't refer to me for color description, I think the picture speaks better than my lousy writing ;)  To help with that, take a look at the picture below

On my skin (NC30), they swatched like so:

While on my face, I use them swirled together to create a diffused coral shade

 Wearing Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar, natural light

Wearing Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar, flash photography

Pardon the awkward close up photos lol ;)

When swirled together and applied on the cheeks, Nectar does remind me of MAC Stereo Rose, but Nectar gives more golden sheen compared to Stereo Rose.

The pigmentation is good and buildable upon application. It's finely milled with fine shimmer which makes it easy to blend. They are shimmery but not glittery (like, say, Super Orgasm by NARS) so it's quite safe to layer. I especially love how the shimmers create highlighting effect, like somehow giving you a luminous glow (or it's just my imagination? ;)). Because with my oily skin I always use mattifying complexion products. Matte finish foundation and powder and such. But I am awkward around matte blushes, maybe because my go-to blushes are peach or coral with sheen.

This is optional but I also love using the champagne color (second stripe) to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. It's not a stark white color so it's not too distinct, yet the shimmer highlights the spots beautifully. It's also convenient because the stripe is almost exactly the width of my Sigma E55 so it's easy to grab :)

I don't count the exact hours while I'm wearing this but after a day out, it wore for around eight hours on me this winter. 

I really recommend this for the coral-peach fiend girls out there. I already have three of that shade of blush (which are all my favorite, MAC Peachykeen, NARS Orgasm, MAC Stereo Rose) yet this one still amazed me :) 

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