Monday, January 7, 2013

The Beauty Audit

My Copy of February InStyle came in the mail a few days ago and there was one article that really caught my attention. It was titled The Beauty Audit and talked about how many products you use today and how much they cost. Eight girls laid out the products they used today, how many and how much and I find it very interesting :) InStyle made a little collage of every girl's products and it looks so nifty so I decided to make one myself :)

I have to say Nars Orgasm 
Beautiful natural flush 
that's hard to be overdone.

Among the ladies of InStyle, two had stashes kind of similar to mine, theirs worth £370 for 18 products and £318 for 14 products. Both ladies claimed to be surprised that their everyday natural look actually use quite a lot of products. When I started doing this I thought I would barely hit 10. As for the value, the base products took up most of the cost, apparently, fortunately they can be worn for months even though right now my blot powder has already hit pan (twice in 2012, that is).

It's been quite fun doing this (it took up most of my morning ;)) and I hope this post somehow encourage somebody to do this too because I would love to see other people's version of it ^^ Have a great day!

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