Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guerlain KissKiss 544 Reve D'or Review and Swatches

So last Sunday I went to Sephora and they were having some items on sale for 30, 50 or 70 percent off. I was drawn to some Chanel stuff; Mimosa nail polish, rouge allures in delicieuse and insouciante but they were only 30% off :-/ I guess Mom taught me well to look for the most valuable discounted items ;) so I found this Guerlain KissKiss, originally retailed at €28.80, with a 50% off sticker but the tag said €12.40 (apparently they put the wrong price on it but the cashier gave me that price even so). I was happy to get a good bargain of course, but it wouldn't mean anything if the product doesn't deliver, right? So let's take a closer look :)

The packaging is nicely done, as most of Guerlain products. I love their packaging, so luxurious and beautiful even though I can't always justify their price for that reason. The embossed double G and Guerlain writing on light gold cubic packaging made this one hard to miss :) Sure, Chanel's classic black is also nice, but this one has a special prettiness written all over it, makes it feel like a piece of jewelry. On a sadder note, buying Guerlain reminds me of my HG light lipstick, the KissKiss Stick Gloss in Rose des Sables :( sadly it was limited edition, please tell me if anyone found that one online. Anyway, back to Reve D'or...

I found the KissKiss lipstick formula nicely opaque in one glide, non-drying, doesn't accentuate lines and stays on for about four to six hours without meal. Reve D'or in particular leans terracotta on the tube but once applied I think it looks like muted orange with sheen. I have to say that once I swiped it it reminds me of NARS Deep Throat blush shade. 

This is a little amped up version of my everyday lip color. I usually wear lighter, more natural shade but this one gives color without trying too hard, I can see it still suitable paired with more dramatic eye make up. I wanted to include a lip swatch but right now my hormonal acne is acting up again around the chin so I didn't want to gross you out :( I will try to do that sometime later if possible though. Until then, I hope this helps.

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