Saturday, January 19, 2013

Essie Penny Talk Review and Swatches

During winter I wear nail polish less frequently because my hands are constantly inside gloves and hot shower usually makes my nail polish more prone to peeling. This doesn't make me too comfortable because I love covering my nails in color ;) My latest buy which also included in my 2012 favorites was this nail polish by Essie called Essie Penny Talk. Take a closer look!

The bottle was the usual Essie's, with Penny Talk stuck on it. I saw some pictures on the internet with different bottle that featured ESSIE writings on white on the bottle, I guess that's what they have in America.

As I also mentioned in my last Essie review, Penny Talk also came with Essie new, wider brush as you can see below. This will affect application later.

Essie website described Penny Talk as "an authentic copper metallic". Penny Talk was a part of their Mirror Metallic collection that came out in 2012. I think it suited the description as copper metallic but the color reminded me more to rose gold, which was the reason I got it.  I haven't got anything like it in my stash so I was very intrigued :)) I had wanted ro buy Orly Rage which was a rose gold foil but found it sold out, now that I had Penny Talk I think I don't need that one anymore even though they had different texture.

I personally think the color is gorgeous and the metallic finish really made it stand out. The color is nothing crazy but because of the finish, you won't need anything else to make a statement :) It draws attention without the need of color coordinating. Some catchy colors tend to bother me when I don't wear anything to match or complement it (yes, I am uneasy when that happens) but Penny Talk gives a pretty neutral shade with extra oomph that makes it catchy yet easy to complement.

As for the formula, Penny Talk was very easy to apply; it was opaque in one coat, but you can give it another coat just to make sure. I applied this on the train one day and it didn't give me any fuss. Compared to another metallic polish, this is not so streaky but I recommend starting application from the sides so the next swipe won't be more noticeable on top of the last one. Most metallic colors dries down quickly, so is this one. Although I really love it, it is, sadly, prone to tip wear. It acts up within 24 hours :( fortunately the color is close enough to natural nail that it was hardly noticeable (unless you zoomed in on your nails all the time, like me). Aside from tip wear, it stays on my nails for a week before I decided to change my nail color. I still love it so much :))

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