Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Essential Brushes

Lately I have been using only two brushes to do my make up. I've mentioned a couple times that I rarely wear eyeshadows, I usually only apply some primer then eyeliner on my eyelids. So I don't have any go-to eye brushes *shame*

These two are the brushes I'm wearing lately. The first one is Bubbi HD Flawless brush. I got this one at from make up brushes line by Lindy a.k.a bubzbeauty. I've been eyeing this brush for quite a while because of its similarities with Shiseido foundation brush. It has dense angled short bristles for an HD finish. I kept myself from buying it because I had my Everyday Minerals flat top brush already. But eventually that brush just shed and shed and I think it's time for me to replace it. So I placed my order and the brush arrived.

I used the brush mainly for mineral make up but on occasion I use it to apply liquid foundation as well (Urban Decay Naked Skin, in particular). It works really well with mineral make up, probably because of the density of the bristles. The bristle's length and stiffness also helps it not to sway products around too much, giving more control. With liquid foundation, though, I found it a little more streaky, I made a habit of patting afterwards so there won't be any visible lines.

Although I love using this brush for foundation, I have to say that I dislike two things about it. First, of course, the denseness made this brush a little hard to clean thoroughly. I have to spend longer time while cleaning it. Second, while everything else is sturdy enough, the glue that binds the ferule and the handle didn't do its job so nicely. Right now my handle's off already, after I abused it even though I know it's going to come off soon ;) I'm sure it won't be too much of a problem to just glue them back, but I'd lie to say it's not a disappointment. I think the handle doesn't bind perfectly to the ferule because of the chubbiness of it (yes, chubbiness).

Now to the other brush I'm using which is Sigma F40. This brush came with my Sigma Paris Palette, along with the E55 eyeshadow brush. Out of everything in that palette, this is the piece that I have to have with me everywhere I go. It applies blushes beautifully, the size fits nicely on my cheeks, and it does a great job blending them also. I'm sitting here now writing and wondering what I would like to complain about this brush and I couldn't find any. I love how it doesn't shed (like my MAC 129 brush that I used to use for blushes), the bristles are white so I can always clearly see the amount of product deposited and also how dirty it is :P The angled end helps especially while working with bronzer.

Overall, you can see how much I love this brush ^^

I still recommend the bubbi brush despite the ferule incident, it works fine especially for the price. You can get it at for £7.99 (to Netherlands with £2.00 shipping). So I paid around €12 for the an HD flawless brush.

The Sigma F40 is also available on its own at for $16.00 or at cloud10beauty for €15.95. I think both are great affordable brushes that lives up to its description. I hope you'd like it too!

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