Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only You, Diabolique

Pardon the tacky title, but it was the first thing I had in my mind everytime I think about this nail polish brand. Only You is a new nail polish brand from ICI Paris XL. So far I only found them at ICI Paris XL. It retails for €4.95 a bottle, which is 10 ml.

Right now they have a promotion; when you buy two nail polishes, you get one free bottle of nail polish remover (ICI Paris' brand). So last week (June 6th) when I went out to buy more Mavala delicious colors nail polishes, I dropped by at ICI Paris. Unfortunately they didn't stock Mavala, but I saw the promotion ad for Only You so I grabbed two nail polishes, Diabolique and Lucky Dutch (a bright Holland orange, to root for the Holland football team, I guess).

Packaging wise Only You polishes came in cylindrical bottle, which makes the handle quite thick. Everything is stickered on, from the brand and polish name. I was surprised that the brush is so thick, too, fat even. It grabs so much polishes so I had to graze it to the opening's side to dilute it a little. Compared to OPI's, this one's wider and stubbier.

At a glance, Diabolique is a deep blue based red. I've been searching for a blue based red for quite a while so I guess Diabolique fits my preferences :) Take a look!

In indoor light it really is a blue based red, but when the sun hits somehow it pulls out a little yellow undertone. Here it's pictured with Nail Envy, two coats of Diabolique and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. I guess it's common with red créme but I'd mention it anyway. It's opaque in one coat, but I put second coat just to make sure. I think this is why I always failed to persuade myself in buying high end red polishes. Drying time is average, wait 5 minutes before applying top coat. :) Overall I think this is a nice buy and gorgeous color, tho it makes me think that I look a bit more mature (*cough*old*cough*) but classy :D