Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Glossybox

Once again another Glossybox have arrived :) Actually today I was expecting three packages and two of them arrived already. I'm still waiting for the third and the most anticipated one!

Anyway this is the June Glossybox, finally arrived after some teasers from the Facebook and Twitter page of Most of the things on the box are related to summer weather change even though we have summer only one or two days here.

So let's take a closer look!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only You, Diabolique

Pardon the tacky title, but it was the first thing I had in my mind everytime I think about this nail polish brand. Only You is a new nail polish brand from ICI Paris XL. So far I only found them at ICI Paris XL. It retails for €4.95 a bottle, which is 10 ml.

Right now they have a promotion; when you buy two nail polishes, you get one free bottle of nail polish remover (ICI Paris' brand). So last week (June 6th) when I went out to buy more Mavala delicious colors nail polishes, I dropped by at ICI Paris. Unfortunately they didn't stock Mavala, but I saw the promotion ad for Only You so I grabbed two nail polishes, Diabolique and Lucky Dutch (a bright Holland orange, to root for the Holland football team, I guess).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cyclades Blue

Quick swatch of Mavala Cyclades Blue. Pardon my ugly cuticles, I just wiped off the Lemon Cream then put Nail Envy and Cyclades Blue. This is one coat without top coat. Quite opaque but I think second coat won't hurt either. :) 

Lemony Lemons

On my birthday this year, I went to Amsterdam to meet up with my aunts :) They wanted to go shopping and meet me on the day so I figured why not meet up in Amsterdam (Rotterdam is farther from where they came and I think they prefer Amsterdam because it has more designer brand stores)

After we had lunch, we went to a small parfumerie and I was so close to buying Chanel June nail polish as a present for myself ^^ but then I went to the Mavala counter and browsed through their collection and found... their Delicious Collection! I ended up buying Lemon Cream and Fresh Melon, and also Cyclades Blue from their Art Colour collection. I think Fresh Melon is close enough to be a Chanel June dupe, and it's like 20 € less! 

This is what I ended up buying; Lemon Cream, Cyclades Blue and Fresh Melon. I think after this I would go out and buy the rest of the Delicious collection.