Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

It's closing in to my birthday (yay!) I'm turning 25 in about 3 weeks *sigh*
I'd like to think that turning 25 is quite a big milestone :P but I guess as you get older, people don't take birthday too seriously anymore. Still, I'm a big fan of birthdays (like how Lily loves her birthday on How I Met Your Mother, seriously) I love waking up at midnight or staying late to wait til I turn a year older. I kept every birthday messages I got for that year until the next one comes (provided I don't change phone) and I will still be awake til the last hours of fifth of June just to close the day :)

For the 25th, I wanted to held a brunch/lunch like I've done about the last 6 years or so. But as I thought it through, I don't really have many friends here and my birthday would fall on a weekday so I canceled it. I love making/buying cakes for my own birthday and planning my brunch, but I guess that won't be the case this year. I love surprises tho, I've never had anyone throwing a surprise birthday for me and I think that's kind of the top of my wishlist almost all my life ahaha cheesy lady.

Sweet hubby decided to take some days off on my birthday weekend and we're going to go on a celebration roadtrip (yay!) :))) I thought that would be one of his busy weeks, but he said it's okay :) so instead of planning a brunch, I planned our trip for that weekend. So far everything's ready, just have to pick my clothes for the trip (yea rite) :))

As for my birthday wishlist... Here are the things I want for this year's birthday. Since this is a whatever-i-want list, I just put everything in there :D

1. New. Better. Camera. Canon EOS 600D 18-135 or Olympus Pen E-P3

2. Fragrances. Tommy Hilfiger Pear Blossom. Peach Blossom. Tommy Girl. Lots of The Body Shop Oceanus... and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

5. Hello Kitty Egg Mold
(thank you, poedhz! :))

6. Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case
(thank you, poedhz! :))

16. Skandinavia Make Up Finishing Spray / Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

17. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose (yeah like that's still available :-/)

18. June and Julia x Veeren Lee Shoes (size 40)

19. June and Julia Lola Boots in Beige (or Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots, then ;P size 9! :D)

20. A nice denim jacket. Like this one from Zara

Honestly, I started this wish list only with a camera, an iPad and a phone case in mind, now I realized I'm still crazy about shoes as I've always been ^^ Gonna start my countdown tomorrow! Anyway if you're also turning 25, I found this things-to-do article! Here are 25 things to do before you turn 25 :) I'm behind in almost everything in that list :P

PS: I forgot one thing... I want a huge serving of Union Jakarta's Red Velvet Cake. They just don't make red velvet that way here. 


  1. OOO is the 600D the one with the flip-thing so you can see yourself take photos of yourself? That would be awesome!

    I should so do this because every year my boyfriend doesnt' know what to buy me and will buy me a bunch of random things. One year..he bought me a USB cup warmer. It was a good intention because he knows I drink loads and loads of tea, but in all honesty it was such a cringeworthy bad present HAHAHA....

    It's a good thing your hubs is free to take you on a roadtrip! Where are you thinking of going?

    Ahhh so many nice things @_@ although I dont know how you plan on walking in those heels. They are...insanely tall!! XD So nice though.

    I've never tasted red velvet cake before...Its not very popular here.

    1. Yess my current camera is G11 and when I picked it my only consideration was the tilted lcd ahahahah (self-pics much? :P) Yesterday I tried the Olympus pen series at the store, tho and they took awesome pics while being light, too so I love them :D

      Ahahah yes you should! Some of my old friends got used to this and at some point they would ask "When will you post your wishlist?" LOL

      We're going to Paris again :D since it's only 4 hours drive anyway, but this time we're re-visiting Disneyland and I'm so excited ehehe...

      Yes the heels are insanely tall but so many reviews and posts say they're really comfortable (the Jeffrey Campbell one) and I'm always on the hunt for high and comfy heels ^^ I haven't been quite sure about ordering them online, tho, good thing there's a retailer for that brand in Paris so I'd have a chance to go ahead and try the sizes

      Awh you should try RVC, I wanted to try Hummingbird's if I ever get the chance to go to London :))

      Hehehe yeah I don't think I should get another one in quite long time, I just look at it again and again at asos website so I thought I'd just include it here... Crossing fingers wahahah ^^

  2. p.s. ARGHHH i love that coral asos le cambridge satchel. I REALLY want one now..but I dont think you can buy it anymore ToT