Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barbie might Love Essie Lovie Dovie

As I mentioned in my April Glossy Box post / report, I received a bottle of Essie Lovie Dovie in it :) I was really excited over it, especially after I learnt that everyone also got Essie polish in their box but different colors. I'm glad that I got this one, honestly. Sorry for the cheesy caption pic, I couldn't take my pics off lenslight and instagram these days so I thought I'd put that one up :) Let's take a closer look, shall we?

What I realized first about the Essie polish is the differences it has compared to the one I already have. I have mostly mini Essie-s and I left some of them back in Jakarta.

Lovie Dovie has a thicker brush with rounder edge. I love this because it grabs more polish and makes easier application especially closing in to the cuticles.

The other difference also is the placement of the polish name. New Essie polishes had their name stuck on the cap. I think it's easier to see it on the cap, but might be difficult for the ones who kept their polish backwards for easier name visibility. 

Now, after the brush and the bottle, let's look at the color! 

Essie Lovie Dovie is a creme finished pink. It is a bright blue-based milky pink that's perfect for summer! The first thing that came to my mind was Barbie... the second thing was, honestly, Nicki Minaj. Yes, I didn't even think the pink polish from Nicki Minaj collection (I believe it's called Pink Friday) reminds me of her. It's much too sweet and pastel for her imho :P 

The consistency of this polish is a bit thick, thicker than usual Essie polish. In my opinion, that is good, because some of Essie polishes I tried were thin and might need about three coats or more. Lovie Dovie can be opaque in one, but the thickness made it also a little streaky and patchy, so I went by with two coats. By then it's nice and even. Drying time was average, as I always let the last coat to dry for 5 minutes before applying top coat. 

Essie Lovie Dovie without flash

Essie Lovie Dovie with flash

With the new brush, I have to say that this is one of my easiest experience with Essie polish. The consistency was very nice, and the new brush made application even easier. I love blue based pink because I think it suits my skintone better, but I think this polish can easily suits every other skintone. This is a very girly shade with a little edge because of its brightness :) like a training wheel before jumping into neon shades. Love it!


  1. Super pretty shade!
    Perfect for spring. xx

    1. Yess :D Now I don't want to take it off until the weather starts cooperating and I can wear colors and open toe shoes to complement the nails LOL

  2. This is such a pretty shade of pink! I dont actually own any pinks this colour...AND I LOOOOOVE wide flat brushes, they make life so much easier when applying polishes. I previously wasn't considering getting Essie polishes because I heard they had a thin brush...but now... ohohoh...

  3. How do I know if I've bought a counterfit Essie nail polish. I bought lovie dovie from an ebay shop, and paid less as I was skint. It has the name on the bottom of the bottle not the top and the brush is thin, not like the one you described. Plus it's really thin, though goes on well. With one coat it dries matt and dull. Your comments would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Gayle,

      I can't really say if it's a counterfeit or not because old Essie bottles actually used to have the names on the bottom of the bottle and thinner brush (like the Playa del Platinum that I showed in this post also :))
      As for the formula, in my opinion, seeing from the packaging, maybe it has differences because it's an older bottle so it doesn't work as well as the new one (usually the oil built up on top of the bottle)
      I still hope you can make a good wear of it, tho :) good luck!