Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stash Swatches: Blush

A little while ago, I have mentioned 10 of my favorite beauty products in this post (and video). Shortly after that I realized that I mentioned and showed the products but I think it would be nicer to show how they swatch. I'm sure there are many swatches of my blushes all over the internet. But this is how they pretty much look on my skin.

Since I don't really have many blushes. I have NARS Orgasm and MAC Peachykeen which basically can replace each other (Maybe I shouldn't recommend getting both, but who am I to say that since I have both. Two of each. ;)) I have one more that I rarely reached for which is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose. It is just as pretty as the other two but with more sheen and sometimes I forgot and I already applied either Orgasm or Peachykeen when I found Stereo Rose in my stash :)

So I thought why not just swatched the three together :)

This is my NARS Orgasm. I gotta say I love this blush, even tho MAC Peachykeen is more pigmented (with very close color), I love how it's build-able and the gold shimmer in it just gets me every time. This is my first blush crush. I know I love coral on my cheeks, but I just fell in love with NARS Orgasm on my cheeks. Maybe there's something magical about the first blush you splurged €29 on. It comes in 4.8 g (0.16 oz) packaging. I don't like the packaging material because I have to wipe it with make up wipes.

And here's my MAC Peachykeen. It's one of MAC's Sheertone Shimmer Blush. I don't know why it has the word sheer. For me this blush packs pigment and a little goes a long way. This also, as you can see, already hit pan tho more modestly than my Orgasm NARS'. Color wise very close, not very visible gold sheen as Orgasm. I feel comfortable with this on and I can count on it to last all day. Slightly better staying power than NARS', in my opinion. Comes in 6 g (0.2 oz) for €20. So price wise this is better than NARS :)

This is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose. It was (maybe still) a cult product that sold out very quickly. Funny thing about it is that I bought it two years ago while I was here in Rotterdam for my sister. She knew this was a cult product that everyone was looking for, while I was just walking to a MAC Counter here in the city because she asked me to look for it (with not much hope, I assume). Then the sales assistant said I am very lucky because I got the last one of the much hyped Stereo Rose.

Then after a while I visited my sister in her apartment and I left both of my go-to blushes at home so I looked for something similar in her stash. I grabbed this and it looked very nice :) she said she hardly every use it so she gave (or I asked for) it to me. Another one of my favorite shade! This leans more peach than coral and since it's a mineralize skinfinish it has highlighting purpose in it. I think it has more intense sheen but with that color it looks like both blush and highlighter without having to apply two products. This is a lighter option for me, compared to Orgasm and Peachykeen. And it looks lovely on. Altho I don't understand much about the hype.

What I love about this is just how much product you get. The packaging is huge. 10 g (0.35 oz) for €25.50 is a lot to finish. I kinda like to see how it bounced in the middle :D it looks cute. I still can't believe it's up on Ebay for $70. Woot.

From left to right: NARS Orgasm, MAC Peachykeen, MAC Stereo Rose

So that's all powder blushes in my stash. I hardly use any other kind, but I have one cream blush from LUSH and liquid one from Inglot I still haven't reviewed (which I should!)
What do you think? Any of these three fancies you? Or you already have and love too? :)


  1. I like them all!
    I own Orgasm and I love it :)
    new follower from Italy xxx

    1. Owh it's hard not to love NARS Orgasm ^^
      Thank you for dropping by and following :*

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  2. I definitely gravitate towards peachy pink blushes, in fact they're practically my whole collection. It's great you've hit pan with two out of 3! I wonder if I'll ever achieve that :p

    1. Yes! I tried other shade of blushes and they felt wrong... Maybe that's just me being too extreme tho ;D
      I'vea already stocked up on those two since like November and I still haven't entirely finished them now ^^

  3. I love orgasm and i just hit pan too. Mac's springsheen is really close as well.