Thursday, March 22, 2012

March (and first) Glossy Box!

So just today I received my very first Glossy Box. I am quite late to hop on beauty box bandwagon and now here I am receiving my first one. I don't know many here in Netherlands but I think even if there's many, Glossy Box is one of the leading ones then ;) I'm so excited to receive my first box and I want to share it right away!

Glossy Box is a beauty box you "subscribed" to each month. Here in Netherlands it costs 12.50 euro per month. When you first signed up (you can do it here) you will have to fill in details about your preferences, skin type, etc. Then you will receive a beauty box approximately every third week of the month. Some people may receive different products depends on their data, but since mostly you receive 5 out of 8 options, I think there won't be much difference :)
My box!

When I first receive the box i thought the cardboard box was *the* box but I was wrong :P I opened it to find a more sturdy looking box (and quite pretty as well :)). Open that box, the content is prettily wrapped in black paper secured with a green bow.

Then comes my products for this month :)

My box has 5 products which are:

Weleda Almond Soothing Oil for Face
It's a soothing oil that you wear for a kind of moisturizer. It got 4.4 out of 5 score on makeupalley which is great. It helps hydrates the skin and some people even use it to moisture hair :) I think this will help because I have dry patches on my skin due to acne medication. I'm still on the fence about trying something on my face since since I'm still healing from my break out. But I think I will give this a try :) 
This product comes in full size (50 ml) which originally retails for 14.25 euro.  
LUSH Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion
I love getting body lotion because my skin is generally dry (only my face is oily, which is annoying) and I had thoughts about getting the Dream Cream while I was browsing through Lush products. Receiving this in my box made me actually squeal ;) I think I'm gonna love it :D 
I got the 100 gr size which originally retails for 7.89 euro (18.95 for 240 gr) 
BM Beauty Mineral Blush in Peachy Glow
I've never heard or tried BM beauty products before but I love mineral products generally. And I was thinking about purchasing a new blush for other options besides my Nars Orgasm and MAC Peachykeen. This looks promising.  
It comes in 1 gram sample size. The full size product is 4 grams for 9.6 euro. So this one is worth 2.4 euro.
Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Colour Shampoo
Schwarzkopf Professional products were my staple back in the days. I especially love their Repair Rescue Shampoo and Moisture Kick spray conditioner. When I moved here I thought I'm gonna find them at drugstores but apparently I have to buy them in beauty salons. So I switched to other products. It's nice to receive a Schwarzkopf Professional products :D Although I don't color my hair, I'd still give this a try. I wonder if it will also help retain your natural hair color. Because for now my originally black hair has gone brown-red at some part *sigh* 
This product is full size at 250 ml. It originally retails for 15.30 euro
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter
Yay for chocolates! I recognized the familiar Body Shop packaging right away when I open this box. Chocomania is their new product and time after time when I pass by their shop window, I always take a peek at the chocolate products and wonder :) the ad is so cute :D and it launched around Valentine's Day for the chocolate lovers everywhere. I personally love vanilla scent better but I love The Body Shop body butters in general. :) Somehow looking at Body Shop skincare stuff reminds me of wedding gifts even tho I didn't get Body Shop for mine :D 
This one is 50 ml which is the mini size that often comes in The Body Shop gift set. It originally comes in 200 ml packaging for 15 euro. So this one is worth 3.75 euro.
Overall, I am happy with this month's Glossy Box and I'm looking forward for the next one. For me this month's filled more to skin care stuff but I didn't mind. I love that the color product I receive is a blush, instead of eyeshadow, since I can't do much with eye shadows. But I kinda wish I subscribed earlier to receive Eyeko Eyeliner or L'oreal Primer ;)

Price-wise I think this is a bargain because you get almost 45 euro worth of products for 12.50 :) and it opens you up to try new products you might not even considered before. I gotta say I love it :D 


  1. Wow love the stuff inside! I haven't subscribed for it and have avoided it since I have so many random things to try already, but I have definitely heard good things about lush's dream cream! :)

  2. Haha yes, it's kinda hard to avoid buying random things :D it's kind of a nice surprise, like waiting to receive a gift every month (which is NOT, because you actually pay for it :P but oh well ;))

    Anw has Revlon Lip Butter launched there across the pond? I'm still waiting :(

  3. Nice random beauty things :)
    Ada 11 random things juga buat kamu, di cek yah