Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Late Monday Post and Update

I pasted this poll from makeupandbeautyblog :) I've always wanted to fill it but I think since I don't have a beauty blog I hesitated for sometime :P (I hesitated for lots of things already, should stop :P) So here goes...

1. Mood:

Right now I am quite bubbly and looking forward to Valentine's Day next week

2. How do you feel about teal eyeliner?

I love them! I usually don't buy eyeliners aside from black ones, but I bought MAC's Undercurrent cuz it's just so beautiful

3. The name of a perfume you own but never wear?

I have Lancome Miracle and Thierry Mugler Angel Lily that I keep at my Mom's wardrobe back in Jakarta. I love Lancome Miracle but the Angel Lily seems too mature for me. I still don't have them with me now tho :)

4. Have you ever noticed…

How much a dessert can make you happy? :D

5. A scent that reminds you of your teenage years?

The Body Shop Oceanus and Davidoff Cool Water got me through middle and high school

6. Where’s your favorite place to nap?

On our couch! Basking in the sunlight and sleep it through the warmth

7. What’s the best thing about Mondays?

That after it's over, the rest of the week will go quick until weekend is finally here again

8. How’s your hair today?

Dry, dry, dry. And the fringe is kinda acting up a bit too.

9. What’s the most important thing you look for in a lipgloss besides color?

I don't really like when they're too sticky. And even though I know it won't stay up as long as lipsticks, I love to make sure it will stain my lips still :p

10. Weekly goals:

  • Locating hair salon that stocks Orofluido
  • Youtube workout every day
  • Going to Cupcakechic with girlfriends
    Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week!

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