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Hi there!
So, for Valentine's Day this year the top highlight of my day was getting my first haircut in Netherland :) Yes it is quite a big step because for the last two years I was very careful about who is cutting my hair.

I have naturally wavy hair, but not in an awesome kinda way. I straightened it regularly. The first time I straighten it was quite a disaster, damaged my hair so badly. And by the time the wavy part already outgrown the straightness, I got a haircut that basically got rid of the straight parts. Which left me clueless about how to style it. It was during my final college year and I was busy and hopeless bout my hair so I went for blow dry almost every two days (wasting money!).

Then I figured I need to straighten it again, but in different place where I can be comfortable and sure that I am not damaging my hair, or at least lessen the damage. I found what I asked with Yumie, a hairstylist quite far from my home. She offered Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy and gave me advices about how to take care of my hair. Since my hair was quite damaged at the time, she had to cut the ends to get rid of split ends, then she straighten it. I love that the result was not entirely straight like a broom ;P Since then I shampoo+conditioner+mask religiously.

After about 9 months my hair started to get wavy again, I already knew that it would only be straight for approximately 8 months. I went to her place again and mentioned that I am growing my hair long for the wedding in November. I switched my haircare to Schwarzkopf after that. I love their Repair Rescue line :) Between these times I only got my haircut by her or by one more trusted one at Irwan, named Ma'in (introduced by my friend Retno :D). Even though when I was growing my hair longer, I only went for haircut to fix my layers and make sure of getting rid of split ends, I only got my haircut by these two. The last one I got was after the wedding. After growing it long and maintaining it, I want to go back to my short bob :) so I went to Irwan and got my bob back.

This was how long it was when I got married. I asked the guy who washed my hair to take a picture for me first, I told him because it's "historical" ;P

Look at all those strands that got off me
I got a haircut right before our 'farewell' event at home. So that night instead of making a side bun or anything else I used to do with my long hair, I just wore accessory.

That was about two and a half months ago (we're approaching our three months anniv this Saturday ;)) and I thought I need trimming, especially because my fringe has grown too long and quite disturbing ;) so I went to a hair salon near the apartment, named Trés Joli and asked for light trimming. I paid 24 euros for it.

It's kinda funny because they only dried my hair halfway, just because I asked to fix the fringe if after drying it's still too long. Then I got home with the rest of my hair slightly dried, just passed about two times with blow dryer. So here's some before after pictures :)


(do excuse the stupid grins)

The layer got more aligned now and also the fringe. I'm quite happy with the result aside from the weird half blow dry thingie. For hair care, right now I am using...
Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (as conditioner, since my hair is getting so dry by the weather)
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
Orofluido Hair Oil

I use the serum before blow drying, and orofluido after it's done to moisture and tame fly aways. I'm new at using hair oil so I'm still figuring things out with orofluido. But so far I love how it feels on my hair and how it's moisturizing.

So, I think that's it about hair so far, I am planning to review Orofluido on its own, comparing to Kerastase Elixir Ultime :) let's see if that's possible. The weather hasn't been kind to hair lately, but the snow is out now and we welcome the rain back in Rotterdam. Hope it's a good hair day wherever you are :)


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