Tuesday, February 28, 2012

H&M Pink Road

The spring is coming and H&M is gearing up their cosmetic line with a cute collection decorated with light green, pink, purple and birdies like this one right here :) I don't know if they have a special name for the collection but I was drawn to how cute the ensemble is. I wanted to buy the pocket folded mirror but I haven't managed to, so I got the nail polishes instead ;) The new collection has four nail polishes, which are City Pink (a hot pink), Pink Road (an in between purple and red pink), Orange Lane (a bright orange) and Green Street (a leaf green). I was thinking for some time between my many visits to H&M so the last time I went there, Green Street was already sold out, at least in the store I visited. At the website, however, both Green Street and City Pink has already sold out. So I went home with Pink Road and Orange Lane (will be reviewed later, of course). Let's take a look at Pink Road first :)

First of all, the polishes in this collection came in 16 ml bottle. It's almost twice than their usual 9 ml (like Polish Me Happy). Moreover, with that much polish, it costs 2.95 euro, compared to the usual 3.95 for 9 ml. I think this is enough reason to get them.

It comes in a tall square bottle and rounded gold cap. I have to say that I don't really like this packaging. With the tall cap, the wand also becomes longer and when the bottle is still full, the wand deposits some polish whenever it's taken out which kinda bugs me during application. You can even smear the glob from the wand for application, which is bothersome. I have to push the wand to the bottle tip to prevent that, not exactly enjoyable, but you'll get the hang of it.

Pink Road has thicker consistency which is good, because it applies nicely in one coat. I used two coats in this swatch just to even them out. The brush it came with was decent, not wide as OPI's but works nicely with this polish's thickness.

As for the color, I have quite a problem describing Pink Road because indoors it looks like a blue based red. But then (mostly outdoors) it looks like a purple pink. I've tried taking many pictures in different places to display the purple-ness but I finally gave up. I included the HOT PINK LIPS page from InStyle just to compare it with the hot pink the page's displaying. It's kinda interesting in that way, though, sometimes it's red and sometimes it's more purple.

The staying power was decent, I have been wearing it for two days and no noticeable tip wear. All in all, I think it's a nice product for the price tag, especially. Personally, I can't say I am a big fan of this color, I just feel flat about it :) Not really exciting but nice for a pop of color in a créme finish. I think I like Orange Lane better (thinking of it as dupe of OPI A Roll in The Hague)

Anywayyy H&M sure has came up with their Spring collection :D And yes I have many cute things down on my list I look forward to purchase. I already managed to get the dress I wanted which was worn by Miss Rachel Berry in the last Glee episode (Yes, I got a little obsessed about Glee wardrobe lately). I wanted this one long before it appeared on the show, and I got to have it finally yay yay. The red belt that it came with was too big for me, tho, I need to get 3 more holes to make it fit me :)

(Photo courtesy of Fashion of Glee)
Wishing you a nice spring!


  1. The nail polish is a lovely colour. I love h&m. I buy from their online shop all the time :)

    1. It's lovely ^^ I kinda think it would look even better on a more cool toned skin tho :) thank you for sharing <3