Wednesday, February 29, 2012

H&M Orange Lane

Continuing from my H&M Pink Road review, this is the second polish I got from their Spring collection. It's called Orange Lane, which is, as the name stated, a bright orange. I've never had such bright orange in my stash before, let's take a look :)

As I have stated in my previous review, it comes in 16 ml bottle for 2.95 euro. Oh, and I still don't enjoy the tall wand because it deposits some nail polish.

Different from Pink Road, Orange Lane has a decent consistency. Not as thick as Pink Road, not too thick and not too thin either. I used three coats in this swatch and it covers everything nicely. With this consistency, it's easier to apply the polish more neatly.

The color is such a bright orange. I haven't worn something this bright, I think, and I gotta say I enjoy it. I'm kinda surprised how I love this color. I also think this is a close (and cheaper) dupe to OPI A Roll in The Hague. I can stop dreaming about that polish now that I have Orange Lane ;)

You can purchase Orange Lane at H&M stores or online. I think you'd enjoy it. ^^

Oh and fun fact, I think this is a close color to the one Kristen Bell was wearing when she was on Ellen DeGeneres show :D I watched the YouTube video about her talking so happy-emotionally about a sloth and I couldn't help laughing.

(photo from here)


  1. Oh wooow I loveee the bright neon orange!!! :D This sounds like a real bargain, even with its little blips like the wand, but at least the consistency is better!

    Although three coats is a little too many for lazy people like me. How does this look with two? xD

    I think this is perfect for spring or summer. :) Very happy looking!

    1. I think it was already nice with two coats but I can still see some visible nail line. But it won't be too much of a problem, of course :D

      So many brands are releasing this kind of orange like OPI's and Essie's, I think this must be among the cheapest ;)