Monday, February 27, 2012

Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 Review and Swatches

A little update of my skincare quest. I am still doing a trial on and off with a few products. Tried a toner, break out, back to using only Purity. Using my Skin Sonic religiously, still breaking out a few, changed my foundations. Using powder foundation, liquid foundation, I can't hardly keep track as good as when I started. So I think right now I have to give my skin a break (a break, not break out) by using lighter things on it. Aside from Purity and Skin Sonic (which I use more gently these days) I only use Clearasil Overnight Cream.

But I always think going out bare faced is a little bit offensive (for myself) so I decided that I need something light for cover up. I opt for tinted moisturizer and have been doing my research around the web for quite some time. I then decided to buy MAC Studio Moisture Fix. So last Friday as I and hubby went to the centrum for koopavond (when the stores up til late! 9 pm, that is), I went through the make up counters at Bijenkorf and wanted to ask the sales assistant at MAC for Studio Moisture Fix. But they seemed a bit busy at that time so I wander around to Bobbi Brown counter. My friend Retno already told me how much she loves their tinted moisturizer and I was kinda sold but I think the price tag would be too much for me.

So I went to Bobbi Brown's counter just to take a look. After peeking at Bobbi Brown's and MAC, I realize that MAC Studio Moisture Fix came in 1.3 fl oz. packaging at 26 euro. Bobbi Brown TM came in 1.7 fl oz. packaging at 36 euro. Keeping that in mind, it means MAC SMF costs 20 euro per fl oz, and Bobbi Brown costs 21 euro per fl oz. That's not much difference, isn't it? The sales assistant at Bobbi Brown looks friendly (and not too busy) so I decided to ask if I can try the tinted moisturizer. She let me sit on her chair, wipe my current make up and then apply the Light to Medium shade with their foundation brush. After that, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was surprised that the finish was so decently natural. Not too sheer nor mask-ish, not dewy but not overly matte either. I mentioned to her how I thought it'd be very sheer, she said that you can get more coverage applying with foundation brush (Bobbi's costs 35 euro +_+).

I wonder if I should finish it with powder, and she said that "Bobbi" said that it depends on the person because everyone's skin is different, seeing that I have oily skin it might be better for me to finish with powder. Then she lightly applied their finishing powder, pat some shimmer brick on me (I think it was the Wild Rose from the Rose Gold collection) and I sneaked around applying their Nude Rose lipstick. After that, I am definitely sold :) I took it home with me that night.

The next day I was wearing it for the whole day, finished with MAC Blot Powder and I didn't even blot or re-apply throughout the day. It stays on all day, but I think it's also because the weather was around 11' C. I couldn't imagine how it would be on summer time or in... Jakarta, for example.

From left to right:
Bare face (notice the "I'm not sure I want you to see my bare face" expression)
With Bobbi Brown TM
Finished with Blot Powder, NARS Orgasm and Rosebud Salve+MAC Kinda Sexy

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer came in a tall slim tube that is light weight and easy to use. I think it looks sleek and simple with the black color and white writings. When you buy a new one, they have a little seal inside it so you know it's not a tester product (of course. meh.) In some reviews, people mentioned that it has more yellow tone to it so maybe it's better to try it on your face to make sure (same for many other products). For reference, I am an NC35 in MAC and I wear the Light to Medium shade. In Temptalia's foundation matrix, which I usually refer when buying foundation, I got matched to Medium shade, but I think this have to do with them changing the formula last year.

I have to mention that I smelled a scent from this moisturizer, it's not really bothersome but I think it smells a bit medicinal when applied. Maybe that's just my nose. That smell doesn't stay and it doesn't make me pinch my nose or anything, but I just think I should mention it.

For a tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown does a great job evening out skin tone and covering blemishes. I especially love how it's so easy to blend. If you need more coverage on some spot, you can just layer on that spot and it doesn't look cakey or different from other parts of your face. I can't really speak about the moisturizing feature as I have oily skin and more concerned with its oil-free feature, but I think it does decent job at that. It didn't break me out, and feels very lightweight on my face all day.

It comes in 9 shades ranging from Alabaster Tint to Deep Tint, which is quite many for a tinted moisturizer. And also it has the original formula, oil-free, and extra for very dry skin. I think it has enough coverage for everyone ;) One (tiny) concern that maybe SPF 15 is too low for some people. Still, I gotta say I love it :) Nothing to complain about, if I have a rating system this should score an A+!

PS: Now I am considering their pot rouge, wild rose shimmer brick and nude rose rich lip color. argh +___+