Monday, January 23, 2012

OPI Metallic 4 Life from Nicki Minaj Collection

Nail polish or OPI addicts everywhere must have heard for quite some time that Nicki Minaj was collaborating with OPI to make some new shades. Finally this month it came out :)

The collection has two glitter polishes, Metallic 4 Life and Save Me (She wore Save Me on the ad), three créme polishes; Pink Friday, Did It On 'Em and Fly, and one shatter polish called Super Bass. I honestly thought it would be more shimmery and glittery but maybe because the holiday collection (The Muppets) was just out with the glitters and shimmers, this collection has to tone down a little.

I kinda like the créme colors but I decided to pass on them because I don't think they stood out enough. For the pink, I have Sparrow Me the Drama already which I think a shade darker but still quite close. I don't dig the green in Did It On 'Em, but I was considering to buy Fly. Which I then pass because I think I can find teal créme any other time.

As for the shatter polish, I have to mention here that I don't follow the shatter polish hype. I have one shatter/crackle polish from a giveaway but I worn it only once to try. I love watching the polish shattered on my nails but then I would just remove it. That means I would only have it on for about a minute. I've tried wearing it for a day but it makes me feel itchy to remove it. Well, it looks good on some people but maybe it's just not my thing :) so I pass on the Super Bass shatter as well.

Save Me was a nice color for a glitter polish. I like the silver in this polish but I really don't like the holographic bar glitter. It kind of look messy in my opinion, like dipping a glued nail to glitter confetti (Don't ask for another description, that's what I had on top of my head ;) so I passed on it either. Funny, tho, the other day when I was at Sephora buying a cleanser, the man behind the cashier was wearing Save Me, and I asked him,

"What are you wearing on your nails?"
"It's O P I"
"Oh, is it from the Nicki Minaj collection?"
"Yes. But sold out."

I can't believe he gave me attitude just because he was wearing a sold out Save Me *eye roll* :P

So after the crémes, glitter and shatter, I am determined to buy Metallic 4 Life from this collection. And I was not disappointed. As I have mentioned on other posts, in Netherlands OPI polish costs 13.95 euros; and with cheap other options like H&M, for example, I have to make sure the OPI polish is worth it and not exactly dupe-able. Metallic 4 Life is a fierce beauty and I love that I, so far, couldn't find a dupe of it.

This is the bottle, in case you forget how OPI bottles look like.
Because of the black base, I can hardly locate the OPI writings ;)

The polish name and barcode

OPI Metallic 4 Life without flash
OPI Metallic 4 Life with flash

It is a black based polish with silver hexagonal glitter and smaller square glitter. The first coat may be sheer, but I prefer quickly patting plus a little swipe than just swiping. It is a little goopy and packs a lot of glitter on the brush. Overall I think it's quite easy to apply because once you have managed to pat and swipe, it covers all areas quickly and quite evenly. But as for the evenness, I realized that it's a little uneven once I have taken a picture with flash. It doesn't bother me while wearing it, but real perfectionists out there might be bothered :)

This polish reminds me of OPI Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection. I love those two polishes and in fact this collection has the same feel, too. Katy Perry collection came out around January 2011, with 2 other colors, 1 shatter, and 2 glitters. I bought the glitters and it has to be pat+swipe too. I especially love Teenage Dream because I was wearing it on my engagement day.

Because of the familiar consistency and application, I was not surprised that this was also quite prone to tip wear, as were Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night. And because of the darkness of the color, it's easy to see the tip wear :( I think it lasted about four days, then the tip starts to show. It might be hard to remove, as well, considering the packs of glitters. But I think wrapping your nail with soaked-with-remover cotton pad and aluminum foil can help.

Overall Metallic 4 Life is a gorgeous polish but maybe won't wear for life :) Yet it makes me happy looking at my nails especially under direct light. So shiny and playful. Did you purchase any from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection? Do share! :)

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