Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hiding Behind the LUSH

Continuing to my skincare quest, I am beginning to sense flaky and dry patches on my skin which I (again) think caused by the weather. Winter is tricky because I've never been in this cold of a weather for so long. And I've heard snow is coming this January so I guess I better figure this out as soon as possible. So in consideration to that, I searched for an exfoliating scrub, basically by reading reviews online at makeupalley or temptalia's hit list :) and I was attracted to LUSH products because of their natural ingredients. Well, I'm not a chemical genius but I guess natural things are better for your skin (yea, it's a lame line but that's just it :D).

All the things from LUSH, with iPhone for size comparison :)

I've held LUSH's Angels on Bare Skin back in Den Haag few weeks ago before Christmas, then hubby said "9.50?" So I backed down a little :P

Yesterday as I strolled the centrum of Rotterdam, I browsed through the LUSH website and, silly me, all along I forgot that they have a store here in the city. I went there and I found that their Christmas products are on 50% off :-) so I bought their Buche de Noel scrub (on sale for 4.75) which has the same idea as Angels on Bare Skin but it's limited edition and contains dried cranberries and cocoa butter (which made it smells so holiday-ish).

LUSH Buche de Noel

Since things were on sale, I added the Snow Fairy Lip Tint to my basket, it's shocking pink on pan but you can apply with light hand so it's not a problem. The SA said that it can be functioned as a cheek colour too. And it smells so so so so so nice (yes, I am that crazy about it) like my favorite rose syrup sweetness. Even as I took picture of it from some distance, I can smell the sweet scent of Snow Fairy. It was also on sale and originally retails for 9.25 but I bought for 4.63.

LUSH Snow Fairy Lip Tint

The SA was very helpful and friendly, she said that their new lip tint Latte (light brown shimmer) is recommended for asian skin, while Chili Tingle (orange toned) matched more to Caucasian, then Snow Fairy (fuchsia) and Celebrate (pink shimmer) mostly suit all skin tone. But basically you can just buy them all if you want to, they all smells nice and the new one also consisted the chocolate lip tint... But of course being a reasonable spender (yes), I picked the discounted things such as Snow Fairy Lip Tint and Buche de Noel scrub :D

With my purchase I received a sample of Aquatic Toothy Tab which is a solid toothpaste. You can chew it for refreshing your breath, but you can also chew it first then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush, it will act as a toothpaste. I haven't tried it yet but I will get back to it later :) I also got the LUSH "newspaper" which is called Lush Times, basically giving ideas about their products in a fun presentation. :)

LUSH Aquatic Toothy Tab

All in all, I really enjoyed visiting the LUSH counter in Rotterdam, especially because every LUSH shop has so many things to play with, to smell and adore :) I would review the product one by one later :) These products are available at your local LUSH counters and also online at


  1. Didn't know Lush has lip tints! Does it fade fast though?

  2. It's not exactly long wearing, maybe around 4 hours without eating? :) but it gives a nice color still afterwards.