Monday, January 16, 2012

H&M Berry Love

I always think that red is a classic nail polish color. Whether it's bright, yellow based, blue based, it looks like it belongs nicely on the nails. The problem is there's so many hues of red, rubies, crimson, brick red, maroon, scarlet, and quite long list not to mention pinks and oranges. Honestly I hardly have any red in my nail polish stash, maybe I was too busy collecting the nude colors. I remembered I had one red polish from Revlon called Love That Red and one mini Essie Red Nouveau. Oh, and also one mini OPI from one Christmas collection which I forgot the name. I finished the two minis already and almost ran out of Love That Red so I left them all back in Jakarta.

A week ago I was looking at my nail polishes and wanted to wear red. When I get to Sephora I wanted to buy OPI Big Apple Red which I have always thinking of buying (but never did). Then I think, 13.95 euros... I guess I better check out H&M first, since they have a red polish named (cliché) Red Nails. But my local H&M didn't have Red Nails so I grabbed their other red polish from the disney collection, it's called Berry Love.

Personally I don't think it is any kind of berry. It leans more yellow based red. When I think about berries, I think it would be more blue based or even leans to purple. But this one just a bright red. No berries involved :)

It applies quite nicely and in this swatch I put on nail envy as base coat, two coats of polish and seche vite. I think this is why I don't buy high end red nail polish. The drugstore or cheaper options never failed me. When I first worn Essie Red Nouveau, I thought it applies like a dream. But then I tried Revlon's and that too applied like a dream. So I think the need of red créme won't push me to buy high end nail polish. Now that I mentioned Essie Red Nouveau, I think Berry Love compares to Red Nouveau. I couldn't swatch them side by side but they sure look very similar.

H&M Berry Love under natural light

H&M Berry Love with flash

As for the packaging, since this is a part of H&M and Disney's collaboration, it has silhouette of Mickey and Minnie kissing at the front. I think it looks cute and kind of suits the Berry Love name. The back sticker can be peeled to reveal the ingredients. It's a simple packaging but looks quite cute.

The front. Mickey and Minnie kissing silhouette
The back sticker and ingredients

I think I will wear this color again since it is an easy option. But I am since on the hunt of a nice blue based red polish out there. If I ran out of Berry Love and it's still available, I think I would repurchase since it only retails for 1.95 euros at H&M stores. :)

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