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Cleansers Comparison: Sephora | Philosophy | Lancaster

After a quick packing (All my stuff are for summer!) and about 16 hours plane ride to reach Amsterdam, I arrived at our home in Rotterdam without any cleanser... I don't have a make up remover in any form. Oh I have a pack of wipes I bought from home but I couldn't rely on it for a thorough removal. So the next Sunday while I was in Sephora, I bought a cleansing oil by Sephora. I think I got it for around 11 euros.

Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil

First of all, I have never used a cleansing oil. I was considering this because my sister is a regular user of cleansing oil. I kinda like the idea of having a one step remover, so I decided to give it a try.

If you can't read the writings on the picture, (of course you can't...) the bottle has Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil - Nothing Stays On at the front. And on the back, it said

Why we love it:
- dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. suits even sensitive skin. formulated without parabens or soap
- cleanses and removes make-up from the face AND eyes - even waterproof makeup - leaving no traces
- leaves the skin feeling soft, without leaving an oily film

pump once in the hand and rub on dry skin. Add water to change oil into lotion, then rinse with warm water.

So I went home and try it on my make-up'd face. Exactly as it said, pump once to my hand and rub it on my dry skin, add water little by little to change oil into lotion and also to rinse. And what do I found? Oil, oil, oil on my face they just won't come off. So I have to take my facial wash, which is the Yes to Carrots to actually clean up my face from.... the cleansing oil. Ewh.

If you see this green bottle in Sephora, I think you can skip it and buy something else instead. For around 11 euros you get 190 ml of useless oil. Yes it does remove the make up, but I couldn't be sure whether it's this or my facial wash who's doing the job, because I have to wash it all of with facial wash. I think it cancels out the "removing" job because I am obviously left with heavy oil film on my face. Even just now as I was going to read the back of the bottle to write it down, I caught some oil on my fingers, which means it never got off from the bottle since the last time I used it. No no no... I am sorry but I have no reason to love this one.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

After the disastrous Sephora Cleansing Oil, I remember how I used to love my Philosophy Purity Made Simple. I had the big bottle about a year ago but I lost it, I think I misplaced it somewhere. I wanted to buy it but Philosophy is not available in Netherland (at least based on my search so far), I just found recently that it's available at Skins Cosmetics but I haven't gone there to check. I remember I can find Philosophy in Paris, so when my friend Retno went there I asked her to buy me a bottle of Purity Made Simple. It costed 7 euros for 90 ml.

On the back of the bottle, it said;

Directions: apply a generous amount to dry or damp face and massage for 60 seconds, rinse thoroughly with warm water. use in the a.m and in the p.m.
Cautions: for external use only. use only as directed. keep out of reach of children. discontinue use if irritation occurs. avoid contact with eyes.

I like how easy it is, just massage it for 60 seconds and rinse with warm water. Contrary to the sephora one, this one really does the job and take off make up even to the waterproof eyeliner. It has a faint smell that I can't really describe, but it's not strong and doesn't bother me at all. I usually put a little water on my face after massaging it in, then rinse it thoroughly afterwards. I love using Purity but I have to say that even though it can take off the waterproof eyeliner, I am a little uncomfortable massaging it near my eyes. Doesn't mean it irritates my eyes but it's just uncomfortable for me. Next on my list then, eye make up remover or anything else that I can use with cotton pad.

Lancaster Express Cleanser | Cleansing-Toning Face-Eyes

After the Sephora incident, (yes, I think I will always call it disaster/incident) I chatted with my sister about the cleansing oil. She agreed that cleansing oil shouldn't be like that at all. She said at home one of our german guests (from the wedding two months ago) left a bottle of Lancaster Cleanser which she thinks is nice. So I went to Sephora to buy it, it was 19 euros for 400 ml, and it was on 25% discount so I got it for about 14.25 euros.

On the back it said;

For all skin types, this flower-based cleanser-toner for face and eyes, dissolves makeup, impurities and pollution as it tones in one easy step. Leaves skin perfectly cleansed, toned, radiant. Apply with a cotton pad. No need to rinse. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

I used this with a cotton pad for liquid foundation, powder foundation and waterproof eyeliner (I guess you get it now, I don't wear much eyeshadow). I usually run two cotton pads on my face just to get it all off. I love how refreshing this feels! I don't know how it does it, the liquid always feel a little cold :) it is refreshing and the smell is amazing. It has a writing at the front, saying that it is a concentrate of melissa and witch hazel. I didn't know what melissa is, all I had in mind was my friend, Melissa :D Apparently Melissa is the name of Lemon Balm (there is a Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream, apparently) which is known to balance combination skin. Witch Hazel is known to curb oil production, treat acne, and leave your skin balanced and hydrated (quoted from here).

So right now my cleansing routine at night is the Lancaster Express Cleanser, running it two times with cotton pads, to take everything off. Then, since it's a bit damp already, I then use the Philosophy Purity Made Simple to double check, cleaning everything up. After that I tone and wear acne spot treatment to sleep in :)

Right now I am curious about AHA and BHA. Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide for acne and removal of scars. I hope this cleanser comparison helps if you are on the market for cleanser :) Just remember to stay away from the horrible horrible green bottle of cleansing oil +_+

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