Wednesday, December 28, 2011

H&M Polish Me Happy

Hi, after quite long search for reviews on the internet, I finally bought some H&M polishes (Well, actually, hubby bought them for me cause I just put some things with him when he's in front of the cashier :P) I bought two, which are Polish Me Happy and Hunt Me Down, both green-ish.

The first one I tried was Polish Me Happy. Let's look at the packaging first...

This is the bottle, square shaped with curves. I surprisingly like the square cap, gives more control in application. I am more fidgety with the round ones, apparently (OPI, China Glaze)
The polish name, Polish Me Happy. They just stick it like that, I think it's not well thought of, since this way you can easily pull it off. I wonder why they didn't put it with the ingredients sticker, that way it sticks more neatly.
Here is the ingredients sticker, you see the little arrow which basically telling you to flip? As I'm writing this, I'm trying to flip it then all of it got off +_+ well, I don't really mind but I thought it would at least hold.

Now here comes the swatch...

H&M Polish Me Happy in natural light
H&M Polish Me Happy in natural light
H&M Polish Me Happy with flash
H&M Polish Me Happy under artificial light (not so bright light I must say)

These are two coats of polish with OPI Nail Envy as base and Seche Vite as top coat. I think the color is gorgeous especially during winter season when you have your black/brown/grey coat/boots almost all the time. This gives a cute color in the look. I really love this kind of color and honestly this was how I hoped China Glaze Four Leaf Clover would look like. Got disappointed because 4 leaf clover was more green than blue. Polish Me Happy looks prettier and maybe less playful than 4 leaf clover.

As for application, this goes really nicely. I used two coats. At first it might seem quite thick, but when applied it glides nicely. First coat was a bit uneven but the second coat fix it right away. It dries quickly but maybe the Seche Vite helps, but I think it's comparable to other (more expensive) polishes. As for chipping and tip wear I have only worn this for a night so I couldn't review that for now, I would write if I find a problem in that area.

After all, I am very impressed with this polish, I hope the other H&M polishes will give me the same good impression. Especially for € 3.95 (here OPI polishes cost about € 14) I am loving this one :)

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